Warnings & Typical issues


Before using the Vision Set, please make sure to:
  • Take the lens protection off when you use the Vision Set, then replace it when you are done

  • Do not touch the lens

  • Be careful that the cable does not wrap around Ned


Q: The video streaming on Niryo Studio is totally black

A: Please check the camera and make sure you removed the protection of the lens, and that the cable is well plugged. Then, restart the video stream on Niryo Studio’s Vision tab.

Q: The video streaming on Niryo Studio froze

A: Please check the connection of the cable. If the robot is also frozen, please restart it. If not, deactivate and reactivate the video stream in Niryo Studio.

Q: My robot constantly misses the object when picking

A: First, make sure that your workspace is correctly set by clicking its landmarks in the Vision tab of Niryo Studio’s menu. Then, check if the Niryo Robot can see these landmarks by watching the stream. Make sure that the observation pose let set the 4 landmarks. If you are using several workspaces, make sure that Ned does not see any other landmark than the four of the workspace it is working with at the moment.

Q: My robot freezes when using the Vision Set. I can not do anything anymore.

A: The Vision Set requires a good network quality to show a livestream. If you are using a Wi-Fi network, it may overload it, generating some latency between the commands and the robot reaction. You can disable the stream in Niryo Studio by changing the tab to the 3D view, or connect your computer to Ned via Ethernet. (tutorial: https://niryo.com/docs/niryo-one/developer-tutorials/connect-to-niryo-one-via-ethernet-on-ubuntu/).