The Vision wrist

Mounting Niryo One wrist (received before 30/06/2020)


If you own a Niryo One received after 30/06/2020 or a Ned, then you can skip this section and go to the next one Wrist

If you received your Niryo One before the 30/06/2020, please first replace its wrist by the upgraded one provided in the Vision Set:


Step 1. Remove the 4 screws of the motor


Step 2. Remove the two screws of the wrist


Step 3. Remove the nut


Step 4. Take the motor off


Step 5. Remove the screw


Step 6. Disconnect the motor


Step 7. Remove the two screws


Step 8. Pull the connector to free the motor


Step 9. Remove the two screws


Step 10. Remove the nut and the screw


Step 11. On the new wrist, put the cable through the hole


Step 12. Put the screw in the wrist


Step 13. Plug the motor and push the screw into it


Step 14. Align the strokes of the motor.
Keep the alignment until the end of the process


Step 15. Add the two screws


Step 16. Put the two screws on the top of the motor


Step 17. Add the nut, tighten it, and add the washer


Step 18. Screw the connector in until
the screw reaches the surface of the other side


Step 19. Align the connector as shown and
unscrew the nut until everything is secured


Step 20. Connect the motor as shown


Step 21. Put the screw in the wrist


Step 22. Screw the nut


Step 23. Align the strokes of the motor


Step 24. Put the motor on the wrist and
add the four screws


Step 25. Lock the system with two screws

Common part - Wrist

Position the camera on the wrist, align the screw holes of the two parts and add the screws.


Niryo One


Niryo One



Then, connect the camera to one of the USB ports of the robot and attach the cable to the arm with the provided scratches.

The Workspace

We designed for Ned’s Ecosystem a Mechanical Connector composed of an aluminum base for Ned and two bridges to connect a Workspace and a Conveyor Belt. This Mechanical Connector is included in the Vision Set. Assembling this mechanical structure allows the workspace and/or the Conveyor Belt to always keep the same relative position to Ned.


Step 1. Align the aluminum rail and the stopper


Step 2. Push the bridge into the rail


Step 3. Screw until the stopper turns a quarter turn and blocks into the rail

Also, the provided workspace is printed on a specific support which uses a nano-suction technology that makes it repositionable. This workspace can be used on flat, regular, and clean surfaces. Please note that the workspace can be cleaned with few drops of water if needed. Keeping the workspace upside-down for a long time could damage it and reduce its gripping properties.


Please start the robot and connect to it with Niryo Studio.

Workspace creation

Before using the Vision functions, you need to define the workspace(s) you will use. You can save as many workspaces as you want so if you are using an already saved workspace, you do not have to execute the following process.

In Niryo Studio’s menu, open the Vision tab and click the button to add a new workspace. You will be guided, step by step, to set a workspace.


Be sure to point the markers correctly in the right order!

Workspaces Tab 1

Workspaces Tab

As you can use several workspaces in a same sequence, you can save as many workspaces as you need.


You can click on a marker to move the robot to the pose he had when this point has been registered. Be sure to have no tool attached to avoid collision

Workspaces Tab 2

Display of a registered workspace

Camera settings

You can ajust the several camera settings like :

  • brightness

  • contrast

  • saturation