Niryo Vision Set - User Manual

Ned Vision Set


This manual provides a general overview of Niryo’s Vision Set and describes in detail how to control and use the product.

Niryo’s Vision Set has been developed to allow Ned to use its camera to deal with its environment. This module can be used with:

  • A prerecorded sequence which will be run by pressing Ned’s top button,
  • A Blockly script written on Niryo Studio,
  • A Python script which can be launched via Python ROS Wrapper or PyNiryo,
  • An image processing script written by the user.


  • Software Niryo Robot Version ≥ 3.0
  • Niryo Studio Version ≥ 3.0
If you do not have the recommended versions, you can refer to those tutorials:

Kit Overview

Part Quantity Description
USB Cable x1 PH-4 to USB 1m, connects the camera to Ned
Scratch x2 Allows to attach the cable to the robotic arm
Calibration tip x1 End effector used for workspace calibration
Squared Container x3 Handable 3D squares that can be used as containers for the circles
Circles x3 Handable 3D circles that can be placed in the squared containers
Workspace board x1 A repositionable printed workspace board
Workspace support x1 Allows to set the workspace board
Mechanical connector x1
Which is composed of an aluminum base for Ned
and links to connect the workspace support as well as the Conveyor Belt