Niryo Studio User Manual

Niryo Studio

Niryo Studio is a graphical HMI. It allows a fast and direct control of Ned with an external computer.

Its purpose is to provide users with a complete and simple interface for Ned motion, programming environments and current status of Ned.

Through Niryo Studio application, users can:

  • Manage and set Ned parameters

  • Control Ned motion

  • Program Ned using Blockly

  • Execute a program

  • Manage, set, control and program Ned tools

  • Manage, set, control and program Ned addons

Users must read this manual in order to fully understand all Ned and Niryo Studio functionalities.


If you encounter software problems or if you want to access latest updates for your Ned, please give an internet access to your robot (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) to be able to update it through NiryoStudio. Instructions here