Program settings

In the “Program Settings”, you can set an autorunning program, upload a Python program and display a program.


Program Autorun

The “PROGRAM AUTORUN” functionality allows you to execute a set of sequences, directly by pressing the top button of the robot.

Here is how it works:

  • Program a sequence with Blockly.

  • Save the sequence on Ned.

  • Add the sequence to the sequence autorun.

  • Now trigger the sequence with the top button, without having to open Niryo Studio.


This is very useful when you use Ned in an exhibition event or for a demo. You will just need to power on Ned, wait for the LED to turn blue or green, and then press the button to run a given set of programs (that you previously programmed).

  1. Display the default program triggered with the button

  2. Select the program

  3. Choose the “PROGRAM AUTORUN” mode. You have choices:

    1. ONE SHOT: when you press and release the top button, the given set of sequences will be run once. After that, Ned will go back to a “resting position” and activate the “Learning Mode”. You can start another run by pressing the button again. If you press the button while the set of sequences is running, it will stop the execution.

    2. LOOP: when you press and release the top button, the selected program will run in a loop, forever. You can press the button again to stop the execution.

  4. SELECT button: select the program autorun.

Upload program

You can upload a Python script from your computer to Ned.

Programs list

You can pick a previously saved program from the select box. Click on a sequence to see all the properties and actions available for this program.

You can display the Python code of the program.


After the program details, you get a series of available actions:

  1. Play the selected program (same as the “PLAY” button in Niryo blocks).

  2. Stop the current program execution (same as the “STOP” button in Niryo blocks).

  3. Open the program in Niryo blocks. This will make you switch to the “Niryo blocks” panel, and the program will be added to the current workspace.


This functionality is very useful when you want to duplicate and create a new program from an existing one.

  1. Edit the program. You can modify the name, the description, and the Blockly XML.

  2. Delete the program.