Mechanical interface

Mechanical Overview

This chapter introduces the mechanical and the electrical interfaces of Ned2.

Ned2 is a 6-axis collaborative robotic arm. It consists mainly of six robot joints of aluminum with plastic covers. Ned2 consists of 7 parts :


3D view of the robot


Robot workspace

../../_images/Workspace2.png ../../_images/Workspace1.png


The robot must be placed on a table or flat surface that is larger than the surface of its support unit.




Make sure that the robot is properly installed on a firm surface with enough clearance to avoid shocks and collisions.

Tool mounting

Each tool has the same mechanical connector interface. This option allows a quick-change option of the tool and good stability.

  • Put the groove on the side of the motor, pointing down;

  • fix the gripper to the robot axis using the magnetic part.

Please find more information about Niryo tools in the section tools technical specifications.



  • Be careful not to mount a gripper that is not supplied by Niryo. If you would like to design your own gripping tool, contact our Support Service;

  • Never use loads greater than those stated in the robot specifications (chapter 9) as this could cause mechanical crushing should the object or the gripper fall. Such improper use could also damage the robot;

  • Make sure that the tool is mounted correctly by following the assembly instructions above;

  • Be careful not to put your fingers between the jaws of the gripper.

Vision Set mounting

To mount the Vision Set, all you need to do is attach the camera to Ned2’s wrist. The cable of the vision set need to pass through the wrist to avoid trouble during movement of the robot. You can set up and fix your workspace to Ned2’s structure to have a stable environment.