Hardware introduction

This document contains a description of the Ned2 product, including details of the following:

  • Mechanical and electrical installation instructions;

  • precautions for safe use;

  • technical characteristics of the robot;

  • product warranty details.

Please refer to software documentation for programming details.

Important safety notice



The robot is assessed as a partly completed machinery. A risk assessement in accordance with the safety regulations applicable in your country is necessary prior to each installation and use of the robot. Be sure to follow the safety instructions in this manual.

Please note that:
  • The robot can only be used under the proper technical conditions, for its intended uses, while taking into consideration potential hazards;

  • the robot must be used in accordance with the instructions in this manual;

  • Niryo is not liable for any modification made to the software or physical characteristics of the robot by the user.

We shall not be liable for any damage caused if it is used in a way that does not comply with the instructions given in this manual.