Ned is a 6-axis collaborative robot arm designed for Education and Research.


Ned is designed to reproduce all the movements required in the most advanced uses in industry 4.0, with a precision of 0.5mm and a repeatability of 0.5mm.

Ned’s aluminum structure makes it exemplary robust, allowing it to accomplish with fluidity the movements required for your robotics projects.

This cobot takes advantage of the capacities of the Raspberry Pi 4, with a 64-bit ARM V8 high performance processor, 2GB of RAM and an improved connectivity.

Ned is a collaborative robot based on Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS (Robot Operating System) Melodic, an open-source solution created for robotics. Through ROS, Ned has multiple libraries allowing you to conceive many programs, from the most simple to the most complex ones, responding then, in a flexible way, to your needs.

Ned tools technical specifications

Mounting a tool on Ned is made easy with our brand new EasyConnect system. Simply plug your tool, connect its cable, and it is ready to use.

Ned’s package includes a Custom Gripper. Its standard jaws can manipulate small objects, and you can 3D print your own custom jaws or buy our set of jaws that contains the precision jaws, the flat ones and the XL ones.


Ned can also be used with:

  • The Large Gripper which has the ability to grab larger objects while keeping the ability to close entirely;

  • The Adaptive Gripper which allow Ned to grab non-standard objects with complex shapes (eg. an egg);

  • The Vacuum Pump to grab objects with plane and non-porous surfaces;

  • The Electromagnet that is useful to manipulate metallic objects, from one to many (eg. screws, bolts…).

Ned’s Ecosystem is designed to let you reproduce advanced use cases of industry 4.0.

Vision Set


The Vision Set gives Ned the ability to see its environment and detect the objects to interact with based on their characteristics (shape and/or color). This set includes :

  • A camera that is mountable on Ned’s wrist to give it a dynamic field of view depending on Ned’s position;

  • A workspace which is designed around a specific repositionnable material;

  • Supports for the workspace and the robot, to build a rigid environment for the vision;

  • 6 objects (3 rounds, 3 squares) of different colors to use our built-in recognition system based on colors and shapes. The squares are designed to be able to act as containers for the circles. Easily create an industry 4.0 pick & pack application with no particular knowledge of programming;

  • Vision jaws for the Custom Gripper, that are specifically designed for the provided objects;

  • A calibration tip to set your workspace up.

Conveyor Belt

The Conveyor Belt is the key add-on to prototype industry 4.0 production lines.


The Standard version includes the Conveyor Belt, its control box for autonomous use, and an IR sensor to detect the presence of an object on it.


The Education version adds the following components:

  • A mountable workspace to use vision functions directly on the Conveyor Belt;

  • A slope that can help to create complex or multi-robot processes;

  • An end-stop to stop the objects when they reach the end of the Conveyor Belt;

  • The 6 objects of the Vision Set to extend the quantity of objects you can use on your production line;

  • The Vision jaws to manipulate them.

With Ned’s ecosystem, you have the optimal solution to discover, learn and test industry 4.0 processes.

Overview of this manual

This manual contains instructions for:

  • Safety Information about Ned;

  • Mechanical and electrical installation of the robot;

  • Software of the robot;

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting.

This manual should be read before:

  • Installation and electrical connections;

  • First usage of the robot;

  • Maintenance and repair.

Safety notice


You must read, understand, and follow all safety information in this manual.

It is important that the safety instruction on this manual and the electrical and the mechanical instructions are followed. The robot specifications should be respected to avoid all damage to the machine or to the user.

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