Mechanical interface

Mechanical Overview

This chapter introduces the mechanical and the electrical interfaces of Ned.

Ned is a 6-axis collaborative robotic arm. It consists mainly of six robot joints of aluminum with plastic covers. Ned consists of 7 parts :


Three-view of the robot


Robot workspace

../../_images/WORKSPACE_1.png ../../_images/WORKSPACE_2.png

Tool mounting

Each tool has the same mechanical connector interface. This option allows a quick-change option of the tool and good stability. See the picture below.


Vision Set mounting

To mount the Vision Set, all you need to do is attach the camera to Ned’s wrist, set up and fix your workspace to Ned’s structure to have a stable environment and put the vision jaws on the Custom Gripper.


Robot calibration

Ned is delivered without a mechanical calibration. Ned can not execute any motion properly without auto-calibration because of a mismatch between the origin of each motor and its corresponding origin stored in the controller.


Make sure to process the calibration in order to align the origins of every joint.


Check Niryo Studio Manual to get more information about Ned’s calibration.