Safety instructions

Important safety notice



The Conveyor Belt (v2) is assessed as a partly completed machinery. A risk analysis in accordance with the safety regulations applicable in your country is necessary prior to each installation of the Conveyor Belt (v2). Be sure to follow the safety instructions in this manual.

Please note that:
  • The Conveyor Belt (v2) can only be used under the proper technical conditions, for its intended uses, while taking into consideration the safety requirements and potential hazards;

  • The Conveyor Belt (v2) must be used in accordance with the instructions in this manual;

  • Niryo is not liable for any modification made to the software or physical characteristics of the robot or conveyor by the user.

We shall not be liable for any damage caused if it is used in a way that does not comply with the instructions given in this manual.

User responsibility

  • Make sure that the aforementioned risk assessment is performed before each use of the Conveyor Belt (v2).

  • Make sure that the incorporation of the machine into other applications or ecosystems does not affect the safety aspects of the Conveyor Belt (v2)

Hardware and/or software modifications

All modifications to the hardware or software of the Conveyor Belt (v2) are prohibited.

Safety symbols

This section specifies all dangers that can arise when doing the work described in the User Manual. Each danger consists of:

  • A caption specifying the danger level (DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION) and the type of danger;

  • A brief description of the danger;

  • Instruction about how to eliminate danger.






Warns that if instructions are not followed, an accident will occur resulting in personal injury.



Warns that if instructions are not followed, an accident will occur which could lead to personal injury or damage to the product.



Warns of possible damage to the product.



Describes an important fact or condition.



Describes additional information or an easy way to use the function.



Warns of a possible electrostatic discharge which could damage the robot.



Warns of an electrical hazard.



Warns of the risk of crushing hands between two mechanical parts.

General safety information


  • Before installing, using or programming the Conveyor Belt (v2), you must read the specifications and the product manual.

  • Install the Conveyor Belt (v2) and all the electrical equipment in accordance with the specifications and warnings in the Installation, Mechanical interface and Electrical interface chapters.

  • Children are not permitted to handle the robot.


  • Before using the Conveyor Belt (v2), it must be positioned it on a stable and flat surface in order to prevent the product from falling.

  • Be careful not to use the Conveyor Belt (v2) in unsuitable environments (e.g. outdoors).

  • Do not install or use the Conveyor Belt (v2) in hazardous environments (e.g. in a strong magnetic field, hazardous gas, fire or near flammable products) to prevent the hazards that can occur as a result of outdoor conditions.

  • The Conveyor Belt (v2) motor generates heat when it is running. Do not touch or handle the Conveyor Belt (v2) during operation or after prolonged use.

  • Be careful not to put your hand between the conveyor and the aluminum part of the Conveyor Belt (v2).


  • Failure to follow the connection instructions can damage the Conveyor Belt (v2).

Safety actions

  • Fire extinguishing


  • Use a CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) extinguisher in the event of a fire in Conveyor Belt (v2)’s system.