Maintenance, support and updating


The software version of the Conveyor Belt (v2) can be updated in just a few easy steps using Niryo Studio. Please follow the following prerequisites when using the Conveyor Belt (v2).


If you are using the Conveyor Belt (v2) with a robot, there are three software layers, from higher to lower:

  • Software Ned2 Version ≥ 4.1.0

  • Niryo Studio Version ≥ 4.1.0

  • Conveyor Belt (v2) firmware version ≥ 1.0.24

If you do not have the recommended versions, please visit our download page and refer to those tutorials:

Maintenance and support

Niryo provides a support team dedicated to maintaining your Conveyor and resolving technical problems. It will respond within 48 hours to your request.

Maintenance and repair procedures must be carried out in accordance with the safety instructions (Chapter 7) and the rules set out by our support team.

It can also provide answers to your questions on how to operate the robot.

Contact our team at for more information.

Warranty condition

All products manufactured by Niryo are guaranteed for one year from the date the invoice was issued. In the event of a warranty claim, please provide the invoice, serial number, photos and videos to explain the problem. We can then perform a remote diagnosis and help you resolve the problem.

For more information, go to our warranty conditions in our terms of sale using the following link:


This product complies with European Directive 2012/19/CE on used electrical and electronic appliances (waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE).

Disposal must be done in accordance with the laws in force in each country.

Do not dispose of the Conveyor Belt (v2) with the residual waste. Find out about the collection points for electronic and electrical devices near you.

For more information on the disposal of our products, visit