Niryo Conveyor Belt - User Manual

Niryo Conveyor Belt - Education set

This manual provides a general overview of Niryo’s Conveyor Belt and describes in detail how to control and use the product.

The Conveyor Belt can be used to move small objects in two directions with an adjustable speed to simulate a production line automation. It can be controlled using different programming methods and can be autonomous by using the Control Box provided.

Safety Precautions

  • Please be sure to respect the electrical connection of the Conveyor Belt, as detailed in this manual,

  • Please be sure to do not exceed the maximum payload of the Conveyor Belt as detailed in the product specifications.


If you are using the Conveyor Belt with Ned, there are three software layers, from higher to lower:

  • Software Niryo One Version ≥ 2.3 Or Ned version (this version is installed on every Niryo One bought from the 30/06/2020.)

  • Niryo Studio Version ≥ 2.3

  • Conveyor Belt firmware version ≥ 1.0

If you do not have the recommended versions, please visit our download page and refer to those tutorials:

Kit Overview




Conveyor Belt


Niryo Conveyor Belt

Niryo - Conveyor Belt cable


Allows you to connect the Conveyor Belt to Ned

IR Obstacle sensor


Detects the presence of any obstacle in front of itself

Niryo - Sensor cable


Allows you to connect the IR sensor to Ned

Control Box


Makes the Conveyor Belt autonomous: controls the speed and the direction of the Conveyor Belt.
Also has a digital input pin to connect the IR sensor

Control box connector


Allows you to connect the Control Box to the Conveyor Belt.

Power supply adapter


Power supply for the Control Box.

Squared Container *


Handable 3D squares that can be used as containers for the circles.

Circles *


Handable 3D circles that can be placed in the squared containers.

Upgraded jaws for the Standard Gripper *


Upgrades the Standard Gripper to let you grip the objects provided.

Vision Workspace landmarks *


Define a workspace for the Vision Set directly on the Conveyor Belt.

End stop *


Stops objects at the end of the Conveyor Belt.

Slope *


Places a series of objects in a row and let them go to a
defined position each time an object is picked at its end.


* : in the Education Set only