Ned is a robot based on Raspberry, Arduino & ROS. It uses ROS to make the interface between Hardware and high-level bindings.

On the following figure, you can see a global overview of the Niryo’s robot software in order to understand where are placed each part of the software.

Niryo Robot v3 Software

Niryo robot v3 software

ROS Logo

ROS Logo

ROS (Robot Operating System) is an Open-Source Robotic Framework which allows to ease robot software development. The framework is used in almost each part of Ned’s software.

The Stack is split into two parts:

  • The High Level Packages (motion planner, vision, …), developed in Python to give good readability
  • The Low Level Packages (drivers, hardware management, …), developed in C++ to ensure real time capabilities.


To learn more about ROS, go on Official ROS Wiki.