Control with Python ROS Wrapper

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In order to control Ned more easily than calling each topics & services one by one, a Python ROS Wrapper has been built on top of ROS.

For instance, a script realizing a moveJ via Python ROS Wrapper will look like:

niryo_robot = NiryoRosWrapper()
niryo_robot.move_joints(0.1, -0.2, 0.0, 1.1, -0.5, 0.2)

What this code is doing in a hidden way:

  • It generates a RobotMove Action Goal and set it as a joint command with the corresponding joints value.
  • Sends goal to the Commander Action Server.
  • Waits for the Commander Action Server to set Action as finished.
  • Checks if action finished with a success.

In this section, we will give some examples on how to use the Python ROS Wrapper to control Ned, as well as a complete documentation of the functions available in the Ned Python ROS Wrapper.


The Python ROS Wrapper forces the user to write his code directly in the robot, or, at least, copy the code on the robot via a terminal command. If you do not want that, and run code directly from your computer you can use the python Package PyNiryo.