Before running your programs

The variable PYTHONPATH

The Python interpreter needs to have all used packages in the environment variable PYTHONPATH, to do that, you need to have sourced your ROS environment:

  • If you are coding directly on your robot, it is made directly in every terminal.
  • If your are using simulation, be sure to have followed the setup from Ubuntu 18 Installation.

Required piece of code

To run, your program will need some imports & initialization. We give you below the piece of code you must use to make Python ROS Wrapper work:

#!/usr/bin/env python

# Imports
from niryo_robot_python_ros_wrapper import *
import rospy

# Initializing ROS node

niryo_robot = NiryoRosWrapper()

# -- YOUR CODE HERE -- #

You have now everything you need to control the robot through its Python ROS Wrapper. To run a script, simply use the command python