January 2022 release - Niryo One & Ned compatibility - Hardware Stack refinement


Ubuntu packages

  • sqlite3
  • ffmpeg
  • build-essential
  • catkin
  • python-catkin-pkg
  • python-pymodbus
  • python-rosdistro
  • python-rospkg
  • python-rosdep-modules
  • python-rosinstall python-rosinstall-generator
  • python-wstool
  • ros-melodic-moveit
  • ros-melodic-control
  • ros-melodic-controllers
  • ros-melodic-tf2-web-republisher
  • ros-melodic-rosbridge-server
  • ros-melodic-joint-state-publisher-gui

Python libraries

See src/requirements_ned2.txt file


New packages

  • niryo_robot_database
  • niryo_robot_led_ring
  • niryo_robot_metrics
  • niryo_robot_reports
  • niryo_robot_sound
  • niryo_robot_status
  • niryo_robot_hardware_stack/can_debug_tools
  • niryo_robot_hardware_stack/common
  • niryo_robot_hardware_stack/end_effector_interface
  • niryo_robot_hardware_stack/serial

Renamed packages

  • niryo_ned_moveit_config_standalone becomes niryo_moveit_config_standalone
  • niryo_ned_moveit_config_w_gripper1 becomes niryo_moveit_config_w_gripper1
  • niryo_robot_hardware_stack/stepper_driver becomes niryo_robot_hardware_stack/can_driver
  • niryo_robot_hardware_stack/dynamixel_driver becomes niryo_robot_hardware_stack/ttl_driver
  • niryo_robot_hardware_stack/niryo_robot_debug becomes niryo_robot_hardware_stack/ttl_debug_tools

Removed packages

  • niryo_robot_serial_number
  • niryo_robot_unit_tests
  • niryo_robot_hardware_stack/fake_interface

Cleaning and Refactoring

  • roslint compliant
  • catkin lint compliant for most part
  • add xsd validation for launch files and package.xml files
  • updated packages format to version 3
  • updated c++ version to c++14
  • clang and clazy compliance improvement
  • rosdoc_lite set up in all packages
  • catkin_tools compliant
  • install space working
  • sphinx_doc restructuration
  • add hardware_version discrimination between ned, one and ned2
  • add ned2 configuration files in all packages
  • niryo_robot_arm_commmander refactoring
  • niryo_robot_python_ros_wrapper refactoring

Features (for Ned and One only)

  • add VERSION file at root
  • add CHANGELOG.rst in every package (using catkin_generate_changelog tool)
  • update PID values for Dynamixels
  • Replace fake interface by mock drivers for steppers and Dynamixels
  • Add compatibility for TTL conveyor belts (upcoming)
  • Add Ned2 features (upcoming)
  • niryo_robot_bringup refactoring
  • improve control loops for ttl_driver and joints interface

Know issues (for Ned and One only)

Can’t scan 2 conveyors at the same time. Please scan the conveyors one by one.


  • Calibration deactivated on Simulated Ned and One
  • Not officially supporting Ned2 hardware version
  • Hotspot mode is always on by default on reboot for the Niryo One

Niryo Studio

New features

  • Network settings (DHCP / Static IP)
  • Hardware detection One / Ned / Ned2
  • Display TCP Speed
  • Blockly - Dynamic blocks (Saved pose, workspace)

Bugs fix

  • Blockly - Conversion RAD / DEG in block

September release - New features batch


Tool commander package

  • TCP service settings



Arm commander package

  • New movements available in ArmMoveCommand.msg

    linear pose

    shift linear pose


Python ROS Wrapper package

  • New movement functions available

    move linear pose

    linear pose

    jog pose shift

    jog joints shift

    shift linear pose

    execute trajectory from pose

  • New TCP functions available




  • New camera settings functions available





  • Refactoring Tool Commander and Robot Commander packages.

    Remove Robot Commander package

    Reorder Robot Commander package between Tool Commander and Arm Commander packages.

  • Self collision detection

    Add self-collision detection via MoveIt.

  • Collision detection

    Collision detection improvement on each joints.

    Learning mode activation in case of a collision.