This package handles Niryo’s tools.

Tools interface node

The ROS Node is made to:
  • Set and control tools.
  • Publish tool connection state.

Parameters - tools interface

Tools Interface’s Parameters
Name Description
Publish and control rate for tools connection state.
Default: ‘2.0’
List of tools id
Default: ‘[11,12,13,14,31]’
List of motor tools type
Default: ‘[“xl320”,”xl320”,”xl320”,”xl320”,”xl320”]’

Published topics - tools interface

Tools Interface’s Published Topics
Name Message Type Description
/niryo_robot_hardware/tools/current_id std_msgs/Int32 Current tool ID

Services - tools interface

Tool Interface Package Services
Name Message Type Description
niryo_robot/tools/ping_and_set_dxl_tool tools_interface/PingDxlTool Scan and set for a tool plugged
niryo_robot/tools/open_gripper tools_interface/OpenGripper Open a gripper tool
niryo_robot/tools/close_gripper tools_interface/CloseGripper Close a gripper tool
niryo_robot/tools/pull_air_vacuum_pump tools_interface/PullAirVacuumPump Pull vacuum pump tool
niryo_robot/tools/push_air_vacuum_pump tools_interface/PushAirVacuumPump Push vacuum pump tool

Dependencies - tools interface

Services & messages files - tools interface

PingDxlTool (Service)

int32 state
uint8 id

OpenGripper (Service)

uint8 id

int16 open_position
int16 open_speed
int16 open_hold_torque
uint8 state

CloseGripper (Service)

uint8 id

int16 close_position
int16 close_speed
int16 close_hold_torque
int16 close_max_torque
uint8 state

PullAirVacuumPump (Service)

uint8 id

int16 pull_air_position
int16 pull_air_hold_torque
uint8 state

PushAirVacuumPump (Service)

uint8 id

int16 push_air_position
uint8 state