This package handles Niryo’s Conveyor Belt.
You can control two Conveyors Belt.

Conveyor Belt interface node

The ROS Node is made to:
  • Initialize Conveyor Belt motor parameters.
  • Set and control Conveyors Belt.
  • Publish Conveyors Belt state.

The namespace used is: /niryo_robot/conveyor/

Parameters - Conveyor Belt interface

Conveyor Belt Interface’s Parameters
Name Description
Publish rate for conveyors state.
Default: ‘2.0’

Published topics - Conveyor Belt interface

Conveyor Belt Interface’s Published Topics
Name Message Type Description
feedback ConveyorFeedbackArray Conveyors Belt states

Services - Conveyor Belt interface

Conveyor Belt Interface Package Services
Name Message Type Description
control_conveyor ControlConveyor Send a command to the desired Conveyor Belt
ping_and_set_conveyor SetConveyor Scan and set a new Conveyor Belt

Dependencies - Conveyor Belt interface

Services & messages files - Conveyor Belt interface

ControlConveyor (Service)

uint8 id

bool control_on
int16 speed
int8 direction 
int16 status
string message

SetConveyor (Service)

uint8 cmd
uint8 id

uint8 ADD = 1
uint8 REMOVE = 2

int16 id
int16 status
string message

ConveyorFeedbackArray (Message)

conveyor_interface/ConveyorFeedback[] conveyors

ConveyorFeedback (Message)

#Conveyor id ( either 12 or 18)
uint8 conveyor_id
#Conveyor Connection state ( if it is enabled) 
bool connection_state
# Conveyor Controls state : ON or OFF
bool running
# Conveyor Speed ( 1-> 100 %)
int16 speed
# Conveyor direction ( backward or forward)
int8 direction