This packages provides config and launch files to start Ned unit tests.

Currently, tested packages are:

Run tests with launch file

Using a launch file make the task easy as you do not have to bother about your current directory. Nevertheless, it starts a roscore, and so, the process won’t end as “/rosout” will be still alive. To overcome this issue, the test node is set as required, so do not worry if you see some red lines at the execution’s end.

Launch file with Rviz

It will start the ROS Stack and Rviz, then run the tests:

roslaunch niryo_robot_unit_tests simulation_rviz_tests.launch

Launch file with Gazebo

It will start the ROS Stack and Gazebo, then run the tests. Gazebo add Physics, Gripper and Camera to the tests:

roslaunch niryo_robot_unit_tests simulation_gazebo_tests.launch

Launch file Headless

It will start the ROS Stack then run the tests in a headless version (no display). It is very useful for CI purposes:

roslaunch niryo_robot_unit_tests simulation_headless_tests.launch

Run tests With Python file

Using a python file implies to use the correct relative directory, but it also allows to get status code at the end of the script.

Python file with Rviz

python niryo_robot_unit_tests/scripts/

Python file with Gazebo

python niryo_robot_unit_tests/scripts/

Python file Headless

python niryo_robot_unit_tests/scripts/