Provides functionalities to control end-effectors and accessories for Ned.

Tools node

The ROS Node is made of services to equip tool, an action server for tool command and topics for the current tool or the tool state.

The namespace used is: /niryo_robot_tools/

Action server - tools

Tools Package Action Server
Name Message Type Description
robot_action ToolAction Command the tool through an action server

Publisher - tools

Tools Package Publishers
Name Message Type Description
current_id std_msgs/Int32 Publish the current tool ID

Services - tools

Tools Package Services
Name Message Type Description
update_tool Trigger Ping/scan for a dxl motor flashed with an ID corresponding to a tool and equip it (if found)
equip_electromagnet SetInt Equip the electromagnet with the motor ID given as parameter

Dependencies - tools

Action, services & messages files - tools

ToolAction (Action)

# goal
niryo_robot_tools/ToolCommand cmd
# result
int32 status
string message
# feedback
int32 progression

ToolCommand (Message)

uint8 tool_id
uint8 cmd_type

# if gripper close
uint16 gripper_close_speed

# if gripper open
uint16 gripper_open_speed

# if vacuum pump or electromagnet grove
bool activate

# if tool is set by digital outputs (electromagnet)
# if gpio<0 get value in memory
int8 gpio