This packages provides config and launch files to start Ned and ROS packages with various parameters.

Launch files are placed in the launch folder. Only files with .launch extension can be executed.

Bringup organization

Bring Up Launch Files’ organization

On RasberryPI


The file niryo_ned_robot.launch allows to launch ROS on a Raspberry Pi 4.
This file is automatically launched when Ned boots (Ned RPi4B image).

Command to launch Ned’s ROS Stack:

roslaunch niryo_robot_bringup niryo_ned_robot.launch

On Desktop (Simulation)

As the simulation happens on a computer, the hardware-related stuff is not used.

For both of following launch files, you can set:
  • gui to “false” in order to disable graphical interface.

Gazebo simulation

Run Gazebo simulation. The robot can do everything that is not hardware-related:
  • move, get_pose.
  • use the camera (to disable it, set “camera” parameter to ‘false’).
  • use the Gripper 1 (to disable it, set “simu_gripper” parameter to ‘false’).
  • save/run programs, go to saved pose, …

Command to launch the simulation:

roslaunch niryo_robot_bringup desktop_gazebo_simulation.launch

To disable camera & gripper:

roslaunch niryo_robot_bringup desktop_gazebo_simulation.launch gripper_n_camera:=false

Rviz simulation

Run Rviz simulation. You can access same features as Gazebo except Camera & Gripper.

To run it, use the command:

roslaunch niryo_robot_bringup desktop_rviz_simulation.launch

Notes - Ned Bringup

niryo_robot_base files setup many rosparams, these files should be launched before any other package.