Find your Robot’s IP address

In order to use your robot through TCP connection, you will firstly need to connect to it, which imply that you know its IP Address

The next sections explain how to find your robot IP according to your configuration:

Hotspot mode

If you are directly connected to your robot through its wifi, the IP Address you will need to use is

Simulation or directly on the robot

In this situation, the Robot is running on the same computer as the client, the IP Address will be the localhost address

Direct Ethernet connection

If you are directly connected to your robot with an ethernet cable, the static IP of your robot will be

The reader should note that he may has to change his wired settings to allow the connection. See how Connect to Ned via Ethernet on Ubuntu

Computer and Robot Connected on the same router

You will need to find the robot address using nmap, or you can also use search button of Niryo Studio to see which robots are available

You can also make IP permanent so that you won’t have to search for it next time.