The NiryoRos class inherits the attributes and functions of roslibpy.Ros. It allows the connection of the program to the ROS Master of the robot via roslibpy. It adds an overlay to manage the versions of the robot and a recognition of the API by the robot which is necessary for the use of certain functions.

class NiryoRos(ip_address='', port=9090)[source]

Connect to your computer to ros:

ros_instance = NiryoRos("") # Simulation

ros_instance = NiryoRos("") # Hotspot

ros_instance = NiryoRos("") # Ethernet

Based on the roslibpy ROS client:

  • ip_address (str) – ip of the ros master

  • port (int) – usually 9090


Disconnect from ROS.


Signals the termination of the main event loop.

property hardware_version

Get the hardware version of the robot (one, ned, ned2)


The hardware version of the robot (one, ned, ned2)

Return type


exception NiryoRosTimeoutException[source]