The library uses Python, which must be installed and available in your working environment.
The version should be equal or above:
  • 2.7 if you are using Python 2

  • 3.6 if you are using Python 3


To check your Python version, use the command python --version if you are using Python 2 and python3 --version if you are using Python3.

The below sections explain how to install the library with pip, the package installer for Python.


If you have both Python 2 & Python 3 installed on your computer, the command pip will install packages in Python 2 version. You should use pip3 instead in order to target Python 3.

Installation with pip

You need to install Numpy package beforehand:

pip install numpy

To install Ned’s Python package via pip, simply execute:

pip install pyniryo

You can find more information about the PyPi package here.

If you also want to use Vision functions to do your own Image Processing pipeline install OpenCV via the command:

pip install opencv-python


To uninstall the library use:

pip uninstall pyniryo