PyNiryo Documentation


This documentation presents Ned’s PyPi package, which is a TCP API made with Python.

It offers a simple way for developers to create programs for robot and to control them via remote communication from their computers. Contrary to the Python ROS Wrapper, the user will not need to be connected on the robot through a terminal.


This package is able to control Ned in simulation as well as the physical robot.

Niryo Ned


Version compatibility

Version compatibility table

PyNiryo version

ROS Stack version


<= 1.0.5

<= 3.2.0




Niryo One, Ned, Ned2



Niryo One, Ned, Ned2



Niryo One, Ned, Ned2

Before getting started

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to learn about the ROS robot software by reading ROS documentation.
This documentation also contains everything you need to know if you want to use Ned through simulation.

Sections organization

This document is organized in 4 main sections.


Install & Setup your environment in order to use Ned with PyNiryo.

Firstly, follow Installation instructions, then find your Robot IP address to be ready.


Learn how to use the PyNiryo package to implement various tasks.

API Documentation

Master controls with PyNiryo with full the detailed functions here.

Discover also Vision Functions to create your own image processing pipelines!

Start with Image Processing

Discover how to create your own image processing pipelines!

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