Connect to Ned/Ned2 via Ethernet on Ubuntu


connect ned ethernet with ubuntu

Difficulty: easy

Time: ~5 min


This tutorial is working from:
The version v3.0.0 of the ned_ros_stack
The version v3.0.0 of Niryo Studio

If you are using a Niryo One, please refer to this tutorial.

Using an ethernet cable provides the best connection to use the robot.

On Windows, there is no specific task to do to setup the wired connection (magic!). But from a Ubuntu computer you might have some issues with your computer not finding the robot on the network: The Raspberry Pi inside Ned is configured with a static address (, and if your Ubuntu is configured with DHCP, it might not work.

Here’s what to do:

Change your wired settings

On your computer, open your wired settings and go into the preferences menu :

Wired settings

On the IPv4 tab, change from “Automatic (DHCP)” to “Manual” and follow the instructions from the screenshot below.

Ethernet settings

You can change the “200.201” part of the IP address if you want (just don’t use “200.200” which is Ned’s IP address).

Once you have saved those settings, restart your wired connection and plug the Ethernet cable between your computer and Ned.

Connect to the robot

Open a terminal and run:


You should now be able to connect to the robot!


After you’re done with Ned/Ned2 and Ethernet, don’t forget to switch back to DHCP if you’re using the Ethernet port to get access to Internet from your home/office rooter.