Control Ned with Blockly

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  • Getting familiar with the basics of robotics programming

  • Controlling the robot using Niryo Studio and Blockly

  • Being able to create algorithms to control the robot


  • Basic knowledge of Blockly

  • Being able to use Ned

  • Being able to use Niryo Studio

What you will need

  • A Wi-Fi connection

  • Niryo Studio (Niryo One and Ned’s graphical programming interface)

  • Ned

Programming Ned with Blockly

In this section, we look at the basic functions of the visual programming software, based on Blockly.

Presentation of Blockly

The visual programming interface of Niryo Studio is based on Blockly, a Google library, which is also used for the Scratch project made by the MIT.


The programming environment

The programming environment of Blockly is explained in the Ned’s documentation here.

The programming blocks

All the programming blocks are explained in Ned’s documentation here.